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The possibility and actively of fusing a mechanical equipment with the human brain turn to be a reality. The new piece of technology known as BRAIN PROSTHESIS , the use of this technology is to replace the damaged of the brain.

Analyze your brain activities.

Analyze your brain activities.

Hundreds of individuals who have mislaid their body parts through traumatic injuries or inherited defects have already chosen to get simulated replacements. To build on a patient might want to get a synthetic branch because of a misplaced arm or an ocular prosthesis because of an injured eye. On the other hand, never would we ever think through replacing a damaged brain.

First and foremost, our bodies may reject this foreign equipment. Secondly, supporter will certainly increased valid arguments over the process that will tamper with the persistence’ personalities. Most importantly, the function of the human brain is complicated. It is where we explain our conscious supposed and emotions. But at a time where accidents and the complaint will inevitably remove our memories, sometimes we need these recall that shape who we are. Hence, study in this field, combining Neuroscience and technology, may continue.

On the other hand, I doubt how many people out there may want this process if it does function and if it is going forward to be given a green light. If drugs can’t completely work, maybe biomedical engineering can help reform medicine. Perhaps expert can replace other parts of the brain.

A frightening thought. I’m also interested to know if the latest prosthesis would actually help a victim of Alzheimer’s complaint, because there will still be the manifestation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary complication in the brain. I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned.


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