Pill Management with Zuup – Case Study

Several people in Fergus Falls are participating to be part of a study that concentrates on the latest technology that manages and manipulate medication and keeps seniors in their homes. The good news is the participants are really cooperating whole heartedly with the project. The age participants range from 70 to 86 years old, the goal is to provide independence for our seniors. They can stay in their own apartment room, because they are safe and very independent.

Let us continue to love our senior citizens, they need our help!

Let us continue to love our senior citizens, they need our help!

Margaret Dahl of Pioneer Care in Fergus Falls is one of the volunteers helping with a general study in Minnesota that cooperate seniors and others in this project. At no expense, people get the latest technology in medication management. Its not just only hold all the pills anyone needs for any days, but it lets them know and be aware when it is time to take them.

For people like Martha, it is a problem of health and protection. There were several days she was forgetting to take her meds and that is horrible. Studies show that persistent with chronic complaints fail to take their MEDs on a timely basis. It often means several hospitalizations or nursing home stays.

Surprisingly, even a thirty ( 30 ) year old woman can experienced same troubles when it comes to their treatment and medication.

Zuup™ Products – Great Innovation

Zuup™ product the objective of this is to change the way you take your vitamins and supplements. With general features that make it simple and easy, stylish, and discreet, you’ll never ever go back to using usual pill bottles again.
Not similar to pill bottles, Zuup™ makes it easy and simple to bring your vitamins and supplements with you everywhere you go. If you put it into your pocket, as well in your purse, or just simply hold it in your hand – discreet and stylish too, Zuup™ will go everywhere you go and make sure you’re on above of your health.


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