Most Expensive Coffee in the World- Elephant Poop!

Strangely enough, once eaten by elephants, it passed through the digestive system of the animal and the undigested coffee berries are then defecated. You heard it right, your coffee bean is actually, a poop! Disgusting! Yes, but it is amazingly delicious with remarkable lingering aromas. Similar to a fine-aged wine, it has one of a kind smoothness. Huh! Not bad for $1100 per kilogram poop! LOL!

My Coffee Beans, From Elephant Poop!

My Coffee Beans, From Elephant Poop!

The most expensive and pricey coffee in the whole world, named  “Black Tusk”, is of the bear fruit of the coffee, eaten and assimilated or absorbed by Thai elephants, and costs $1100 every kilogram. Out of the ordinary drink has a rich, remarkable and soft taste thanks to the procedure of digestion in the unconscious and instinctive of an elephant.

When the elephant ate  the fruit already, the acid  in the stomach evaporate and melt away the whites of coffee, which gives the drink an unpleasant taste,the specialists and experts explained. The outcome is a coffee with a very minor taste, without bitterness particular and usual drink.

The most expensive, delicious and enjoyable coffee in the whole world is most likely to the further kind of coffee , which is derived and imitated  from the excrement of animals. On the other hand, the stomach of an elephant in this signification has a slight improvement. On typical, the animal takes about fifteen to thirty 15-30 hours to condensation the fruit, which “languishing” jointly with bananas, sugar cane and further ingredients distinctive of a vegetarian diet elephant, so that the outcome is a unique, rich, wealthy and fruity taste.

An exceptionally kind of coffee you can try just only in the four ( 4 ) resorts of the world: three ( 3 ) in the Maldives, and one (1 ) in Thailand and is the Cup of a drink high price and expensive – $50.

Why is it so expensive? First, the process of production is very rare.  Secondly, the elephants are fed only Thai coffee Arabica, grown at an altitude of 1500 m. Additionally, elephants need to eat about thirty two  ( 32kg ) kilogram of coffee fruit, to create one ( 1kg) kilogram of coffee beans.

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